.NET Day – Event Summary

We had a fantastic event last weekend, on 11th July, DevNext and IEEE-CS (FAST-NU) organized a full day free event “.NET Day” for students. The response from students was really outstanding. The event comprises of one workshop followed by two sessions.

munirThe event started at 10:30 AM with introductory session by IEEE-CS, which was of around 10 minutes, followed by the workshop on “Network Programming in .NET” by Munir Usman (Microsoft MVP).

Munir started from the network fundamentals and then gradually introducing .NET classes supporting socket communication, TcpClient and streaming. The students were given a demonstration on how to build client and server and then respective hands on. Students were really involved and Munir kept the session interactive.

Finally, Munir distributed some Microsoft bags to students for those who participated actively in the session. Students were really enthusiastic about the goodies.

distributing goodies

AdilThe next session was on Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Tricks by Adil Mughal (Microsoft MVP). Visual Studio is one of the most powerful IDE and yet many developers don’t know features that are available and using different techniques and shortcuts developers can really enhance their productivity. Code Navigation, Refactoring, Code Snippets and Debugging were the major topics discussed in the session.

In the end the speaker introduces the Visual Studio SDK for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and demonstrate that how one can develop and integrate a custom menu button in the Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

Adil on VS Tips and Tricks Attendees

And then the lunch :)

The last session was given by  Adnan Amin(Microsoft Certified Trainer) on “AJAX with AdnanASP.NET”. The speaker first introduced the concept of AJAX and how underlying communication occur between client and server followed by a demo using javascript and web services.

Adnan then introduced ASP.NET AJAX and discussed how it ease developer by automatically handling underlying javascript etc. In the end a demo was given of using Script Manager and Update Panel controls that handles AJAX underlying working.

Finally, Shields were distributed by IEEE-CS, FAST-NU, to the speakers. Talha Izhar from Innovations and Usman Madni from TPS visited the event as Guest. We would like to thank them for their presence and valuable time.

Talha and Munir Talha and Adil Talha and Adnan

Once again, Thank you every one of you for attending the event and making this event successful. Also, Thanks to IEEE-CS, FAST-NU, for organizing this event with DevNext. Finally, we apologize that we were unable to entertain many request due to limited number of seats available how ever we appreciate your interest and will bring another event soon! So stay positive :)


  1. I only attended Adil Mughal's session (Tips & Tricks) and it was very useful. Looking forward to such more workshops :)

  2. nice review of the day ... keep up the great work :)

  3. Just seen your new blog. Best of Luck.

    Keep going good work